IDEX Biometric Card Enrollment Sleeve Beats Accuracy Standards in Certification Testing

Biometrics News: IDEX Biometric Card Enrollment Sleeve Beats Accuracy Standards in Certification Testing

IDEX Biometrics is celebrating its success in another third party test of its biometric technology for payment cards.

This time, the test specifically concerned IDEX’s on-card remote enrollment sleeve, a receptacle designed to receive a payment card and to then register the cardholders’ fingerprint data on the card. The solution is aimed at allowing end users to activate their biometric payment cards without the need to register their biometric data in person at a bank branch.

In a statement announcing the third party testing of this solution, IDEX Biometrics did not name the “independent third-party testing house” involved, but asserted that the testing was “part of the certification process for a global payment scheme”. And IDEX’s solution passed with flying colors, with the Norwegian company asserting that its image capture capability “far exceeded” the False Rejection Rate and False Acceptance Rate benchmarks set for the certification process.

“It is generally accepted that a convenient, easy to use on-card enrollment solution is key to broad adoption of biometric cards and the quality of the enrollment is critical to biometric performance,” explained IDEX Biometrics CEO Stan Swearingen. “These results not only show the power of IDEX’s biometric sensor technology, they are also a strong validation of the value proposition of IDEX’s unique on-card remote enrollment solution.”

This is the latest in an ongoing testing and certification effort on IDEX’s part, with the company having announced last month the completion of multiple independent tests of its biometric technology with respect to payment schemes. And while IDEX hasn’t named the testing bodies or schemes in question, it certainly seems to be making good progress in its efforts to attain a leading position as the biometric payment cards market continues to emerge.