IDEX Meets Payment Card Certification Standards in Independent Testing

Biometrics News - IDEX Meets Payment Card Certification Standards in Independent Testing

IDEX Biometrics is boasting about its performance in a series of independent tests that demonstrate the capabilities of its dual-interface fingerprint technology. According to the company, the tests show that its fingerprint sensors are compliant with the biometric performance and security standards enforced by numerous payment schemes, paving the way for the deployment of those sensors in a range of biometric payment smart card solutions.

“This is a clear validation of our biometric technology and security architecture,” said IDEX CEO Stan Swearingen. “We’re looking forward to further collaboration with our industry partners to complete the full card certification process and enable widespread adoption of biometric smart cards.”

The tests were carried out by third-party labs, who found that IDEX’s solution met the security requirements and exceeded the biometric performance requirements expected for smart card applications. The labs in question are unnamed, although IDEX had revealed in June that its SmartFinger tech was being tested by the Bank Card Testing Center in Beijing.

The latest news would seem to suggest that those tests went well, especially when paired with the news that one of IDEX’s clients had achieved mass production standards in the Asian market. The strong test results should continue to fuel the company’s growth on the continent, which has been a major focus for IDEX in the past few months.