Kwikset’s New Smart Lock Features FPC Biometric Tech

Biometrics News - Kwikset's New Smart Lock Features FPC Biometric Tech

Fingerprint Cards (FPC) has announced that its biometric technology is powering a new smart door lock from Kwikset. Dubbed the Halo Touch, the new lock was unveiled at CES and allows residents to unlock the front door with a fingerprint scan instead of a PIN code.  

FPC did not specify which one of its sensors would be appearing in the lock, though Kwikset has indicated that the Halo Touch will be able to store as many as 100 different fingerprints, all of which are stored locally. The battery-powered lock comes with Wi-Fi capabilities that make it compatible with the Kwikset app and smart home platforms like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa. The Halo Touch is geared primarily towards the American market.

The integration is in keeping with FPC’s recent efforts to diversify its portfolio beyond smartphones and smart cards. Earlier this week, the company released a pair of fingerprint sensors designed specifically for access control, and it previously placed a sensor in a new smart suitcase from Kabuto.  

In the meantime, the Halo Touch is not the only new product at CES that features FPC’s leading fingerprint technology. The FPC1145 sensor appeared in new premium Chromebooks from Samsung and ASUS.