LastPass Will Support Facial Recognition on the Pixel 4

Biometrics News - LastPass Will Support Facial Recognition on the Pixel 4

LastPass has confirmed that it will be supporting face-based unlocks on Google’s Pixel 4 smartphone. The beta for the Android version of the app is currently available through the Google Play Store, and already features a new icon for the new biometric modality.

LastPass has historically relied on fingerprint recognition, but the latest iteration of Google’s flagship mobile device ditched the fingerprint sensor in favor of facial recognition. That necessitated the change from LastPass, which indicated that users would soon be able to use the phone’s facial recognition camera to gain access to the password management app.

For non-Pixel users, LastPass will still allow fingerprint logins on phones that support the technology. It’s unclear if the new utility will enable face logins for the LastPass app on other devices with facial recognition capabilities.   

While Google’s switch to facial recognition generated headlines, there have been a few hiccups along the way. The system has been authenticating users even when their eyes are closed, and Google’s efforts to improve the technology have come under fire due to the dubious tactics of a subcontractor that was hired to collect user data.

LastPass, meanwhile, recently updated its iOS and Android apps to facilitate mobile account recovery.

Source: 9 to 5 Google