MyHyundai with Blue Link App Updated With Face Unlock Support

Biometrics News - MyHyundai with Blue Link  App Updated With Face Unlock Support

Hyundai’s connected car app has recently received a major update making it the latest in a line of apps to support the Face Unlock biometric authentication system found on the Google Pixel 4.

Along with the new Face Unlock support, the updated MyHyundai with Blue Link app delivers a major UI overhaul that brings it more in line with Hyundai branding, and a new Message Centre feature where users can keep track of any messages from Hyundai relating to their vehicle.

Prior to supporting face scanning for app authentication, MyHyundai with Blue Link added support for fingerprint scanners, although since the Pixel 4 did not come equipped with one, owners of Google’s latest flagship smartphone were left relying on simple password authentication.

The Google Pixel 4 launched last month and was the first in the Pixel line to support Face Unlock, Google’s answer to Apple’s popular Face ID biometric authentication system found on iOS devices. The decision to ditch the fingerprint scanner in favor of 3D face scanning has proven a controversial one for Google, as the fingerprint sensors had become a familiar part of the Pixel line’s security and design language since their launch in 2016.

Though the app now has support for both fingerprint or face authentication, as well as the standard PIN method, users will have to pick which system they prefer, as it does not support multi-factor authentication as of yet.

The latest version of the MyHyundai with Blue Link app is version 4.2.4, and it is available for download on both iOS and Android, though it’s only the Android version of the app that has the most recent update as its iOS counterpart has supported Face ID for some time.

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