Nok Nok’s S3 Authentication Suite Now has Full YubiKey Support

Nok Nok's S3 Authentication Suite Now has Full YubiKey Support

Nok Nok Labs has optimized its S3 Authentication Suite to be more compatible with Yubico’s entire YubiKey portfolio. In plain terms, that means that Nok Nok customers can now use any YubiKey for authentication to gain access to the S3 Suite.

Yubico and Nok Nok are both longtime advocates of strong passwordless authentication standards. Nok Nok is one of the founders of the FIDO Alliance, while Yubico’s security tokens are compliant with the latest FIDO2, FIDO U2F, and WebAuthn requirements.

“Access to critical business information is at risk without strong authentication,” explained Yubico Chief Solutions Officer Jerrod Chong. “With the YubiKey, customers have an easy-to-use, hardware-backed solution leveraging open standards with FIDO and WebAuthn.”

The YubiKey integration will make it easier for Nok Nok’s enterprises customers to replace passwords with secure, hardware-based authentication practices.

“Replacing easily compromised passwords with a standards-based strong and convenient authentication solution has been the mission of our FIDO-enabled products since 2013,” added Nok Nok Products VP Rolf Lindemann. “The integration of Nok Nok and Yubico paves the way to next-generation authentication for enterprises.

Yubico recently unveiled its first biometric YubiKey, which uses fingerprint recognition to add an extra layer of security to the hardware token. In the past few months, the company has also released a YubiKey with a Lightning connector for MacOS and iOS devices, and made the Yubico Login for Windows application widely available to the general public.  

Nok Nok, meanwhile, has released a FIDO authentication SDK for smart watches. Back in September, YOUNIQX integrated the S3 Authentication Suite into the My Identity App (MIA) in an effort to improve the multi-factor authentication capabilities of the platform on web and mobile devices.

Both Nok Nok and Yubico have previously collaborated as members of the FIDO Alliance’s Identity Verification & Binding Working Group that was formed earlier this year.