Yubico, Partners Celebrate FIDO2 Success

Yubico, Partners Celebrate FIDO2 Success

The WebAuthn standard is seeing growing support, and Yubico is celebrating that growth with a new blog post featuring commentary from some of the company’s biggest partners.

To recap: WebAuthn is the key component of the FIDO Alliance’s FIDO2 authentication standard. It’s essentially designed to enable end users to ditch passwords when logging into online services or apps, opting instead for biometric authentication through mechanisms like a device’s fingerprint sensor or face scanner, or authenticating with the kinds of security keys offered by Yubico.

The standard’s success naturally depends on support from third parties, but, as Yubico notes in its new blog post, that support is already here, with major browsers including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and the developer preview of Apple Safari now allowing for FIDO2 authentication.

“Along with the platform and browser support, a growing number of web services have also rolled out WebAuthn support to their users, including Login.gov, Singular Key, Daon, Isosec, Twitter, and Ping Identity, with more services committed to launching support in the near future,” Yubico notes in its post.

Naturally, this is all good news for Yubico and its partners, and to celebrate, the company has collected testimonials from friends including 1Password, Axiad IDS, ForgeRock, OneLogin, StrongKey, and Thycotic. Yubico also showcased WebAuthn authentication in action at last week’s Identiverse event in Washington, DC – which will likely have helped to further build enthusiasm over this post-password authentication technology.