Nokia and Telia Hit 2 Gbps During 5G Demo in Helsinki

Nokia and Telia Hit 2 Gbps During 5G Demo in Helsinki

Nokia and Telia are toasting a successful demo of their 5G infrastructure in Finland. The demonstration took place at the downtown Maria 01 startup campus during the annual Slush start-up event, which takes place every November in Helsinki.

The test was set up as part of a broader effort to show startups what they can do with 5G technology, and to encourage them to develop new solutions with Nokia and Telia’s tech. At Slush, guests were treated to a facial recognition naked payments demo, while the 5G network itself reached speeds of 2 Gbps on smartphones using test frequencies in the mmWave range.

The two companies are boasting that 2 Gbps is the highest 5G speed to be recorded in Europe thus far.  

 “We’re proud to deliver high-performance and reliable 5G to end-users – particularly Finnish enterprises that will benefit from fast and secure next-generation connectivity,” said Nokia Head of MN Product Management Ari Kynäslahti.

“We’re delivering exceptional speeds and performance rarely seen before in Europe,” added Telia Finland 5G Director Janne Koistinen. “We want to enable our customers to use 5G as the backbone of their businesses.”

The news comes shortly after Nokia and Telia launched a commercial 5G network at the Mall of Tripla in Helsinki. Nokia is one of several companies that is expected to drive the 5G infrastructure market to $50.64 billion in the next few years, and has already formed 50 commercial 5G agreements with partners around the world.