Nokia and Telia Launch 5G Network at Helsinki Mall

Nokia and Telia Launch 5G Network at Helsinki Mall

Nokia and Telia are teaming up to launch a 5G network at the Mall of Tripla in Helsinki, Finland. The Telia-run network is built with Nokia base stations and small cell technology, including the 5G AirScale Indoor Radio small cells that have been installed throughout the shopping center.  

According to the two companies, the 5G network will give retailers the opportunity to explore new customer experiences, including AR, VR, and custom signage. 5G is also expected to support facial recognition, supply chain logistics, and video analytics that that will give retailers a better understanding of consumer behavior.

“We are seeing increased demand for better connectivity at shopping centers, stadiums and large events,” said Nokia Head of Mobile Networks Product Management Ari Kynäslahti. “The retail industry has the potential to be one of the big beneficiaries of 5G and we are excited to see how consumers and businesses benefit from this network.”

Nokia signed a $3.5 billion infrastructure contract with T-Mobile in 2018, and was one of several companies highlighted in a recent report on the booming 5G infrastructure market. The latest news demonstrates that the company is already following through on that 5G potential as it moves forward with the Telia network.

5G is coming to the Mall of Tripla several months after EE launched the first commercial 5G network in the UK.