HID Global Partners with Device Authority for Enterprise IoT Security

HID Global Partners with Device Authority for Enterprise IoT Security

HID Global is teaming up with Device Authority to make it easier for enterprises to secure and manage a large number of IoT devices. The new partnership will blend Device Authority’s KeyScaler platform with HID Global’s award-winning IdenTrust digital certificate solution.

IdenTrust creates identity-based digital certificates that an be used to secure any device connected to a company’s network, ranging from servers and firewalls all the way to refrigerators, vehicles, and medical devices. KeyScaler automates the device registration process, delivering credentials that can be issued, rotated, and renewed with as little hassle as possible.

“The relationship links our trusted certificate authority with a seamless and scalable means to manage the lifecycle of digital certificates in the rapidly expanding IoT market,” explained HID Global VP Brad Jarvis. “The combination simplifies the process of enhancing device security and its administration for our customers.”

Together, the two platforms will enhance the security of an enterprise’s IoT network and reduce management costs in a more stringent regulatory environment. The IdenTrust and KeyScaler combo is being pitched as an ideal solution for governments, financial institutions, and healthcare providers, as well as other enterprise-level industrial applications.

HID Global is coming off an extremely successful showing at last week’s ISC West conference, and also launched a new cloud-based Authentication Service earlier in the month.