HID Global Launches New Cloud-Based IAM Platform

HID Global Launches New Cloud-Based IAM Platform

HID Global has announced the launch of a new cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) platform. Dubbed the HID Authentication Service, the platform is intended as a comprehensive security solution that will make it easier for other organizations to comply with new regulatory standards like GDPR, PSD2, and the California Privacy Act.

The Authentication Service is built to be customizable and scalable, with APIs that can be integrated into third party software or an organization’s existing security technology.

“HID is among the only IAM solution providers that can offer authentication for high security use cases all the way down to basic enterprise multifactor authentication,” said HID Global VP Brad Jarvis.  “We believe that organizations in regulated markets will gain significant benefits from the HID Authentication Service.”

According to HID Global, the new solution is particularly well-suited to the needs of banks and other financial institutions that need to perform secure transactions.

“A cloud-first security strategy is not only desirable for speed-to-market and flexibility, but is also a requirement for compliance in many cases,” said Ben Robinson, the Chief Strategy Officer & Head of the Temenos MarketPlace.

The HID Authentication Service was on display at the recent Temenos Community Forum in the Netherlands, while HID Global was already the top seller on the Temenos Marketplace in 2018. The new Authentication Service should only increase the appeal of the company’s offerings. The news comes shortly after the launch of HID Origo, a similar cloud-based platform designed for mobile access that was unveiled earlier this year.