HID Global Was Top Seller on Temenos Marketplace in 2018

“In 2018, our customers bought more solutions from HID than any other provider, underlining the strength of its security offering.” – Ben Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer, Temenos

HID Global Was Top Seller on Temenos Marketplace in 2018

A new plaudit from banking software provider Temenos suggests that financial services organizations are flocking to HID Global‘s security solutions.

The organizations have announced that HID Global was the top-selling solutions provider last year in the Temenos Marketplace. Explaining his firm’s platform in a statement, Temenos Chief Strategy Officer Ben Robinson said that “[t]he value proposition of the MarketPlace is to find the best complementary solutions and to pre-integrate them with our software.”

In other words, it’s a curated suite of security solutions for Temenos’ customers in the banking sector, and HID’s solutions have proven particularly popular. Those include solutions for digital credential management, authentication event tracking, threat detection, and multi-factor authentication, including biometrics.

Commenting on HID’s success in the Temenos Marketplace over the past year, HID Global IAM Solutions Managing Director and VP Brad Jarvis said that being the platform’s top seller “shows how HID is leading the way on identity and access management in the banking industry,” adding that HID and Temenos “are making it easier for banks to stay secure in an ever-changing digital landscape.”

News of the achievements comes soon after HID Global’s announcement of a new cloud-based platform for mobile access at the Intersec Dubai 2019 security expo.