NURVV Announces Biometric Insoles at CES 2020

Biometrics News - NURVV Announces Biometric Insoles at CES 2020

Wearable technology company NURVV has announced the launch of its NURVV Run insoles at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

The insoles contain 32 biometric sensors embedded within them, and are capable of capturing data from the wearer’s feet at 1,000 times per second per sensor.

The data captured is fed to the iPhone-compatible NURVV Run app for analysis and can offer insight on metrics like cadence, step length, footstrike, pronation and balance, and delivers “actionable insights and personalized coaching” so improvements can be made by the wearer during or after their run.

The Run app also features an in-run coach that is designed to help the user with goals like running at a target pace, reaching a chosen time, or beating a personal record, and can provide audio and haptic feedback during the run.

Finally, wearers are also provided with a Running Health score based on the biometric data that the sensors capture. The score is personalized and is meant to help them determine how sustainable their running is based on the measurements of pronation, cadence and balance to avoid pushing themselves too hard and avoid injury.

The NURVV Run can fit in all running shoes, is available in multiple sizes, and is rain, mud and puddle resistant, with a five hour active battery life. Pre-orders for the $300 NURVV Run are live on the NURVV website.

CES 2020 is taking place in Las Vegas and runs until Friday, January 10th.

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