Nymi Band Provides Biometric Authentication for ThinManager Platform

Biometrics News - Nymi Band Provides Biometric Authentication for ThinManager Platform

Nymi is teaming up with Rockwell Automation to bring secure biometric authentication to the latter’s ThinManager platform. Rockwell will specifically be incorporating the Nymi band, a wearable device that is able to verify the identities of users based on unique cardiac biometrics.

ThinManager, meanwhile, is a Remote Desktop Server software management suite designed for modern factories. The platform makes factory operations more efficient, and makes it easier to integrate sustainable, low-energy technologies. The Nymi band will let those enterprises protect their data by providing secure authentication at login and during the creation of e-signatures.

“We are excited to collaborate with Nymi to provide additional cutting-edge user authentication options for our customers,” said ThinManager Marketing Lead Tom Jordan.

“We see our product working side by side with ThinManager to help companies be innovative and efficient in their day to day operations,” added Nymi Vice President Andrew Foxcroft. “The secure industrial wearable provides a solution to address pain points in Pharma and highly regulated manufacturing processes.”

While the Nymi band is popular in the pharmaceutical industry, the partnership with Rockwell will extend its reach to a wider range of industrial settings.  Nymi recently formed a similar partnership with Systec & Solutions to provide secure biometric authentication in industrial cleanroom settings.