SiriusXM Uses EyeLock Iris Tech to Authorize In-Car Transactions

Biometrics News - SiriusXM Uses EyeLock Iris Tech to Authorize In-Car Transactions

SiriusXM is deploying EyeLock’s iris authentication tech to safeguard its new mobile e-wallet. The in-car platform is designed to help drivers pay for goods and services while on the go, allowing them to pay tolls, purchase gas, or pass through the drive-thru window without reaching for their wallet.

To that end, the SiriusXM e-wallet will allow drivers to initiate a transaction through voice commands or a touch screen, before using an iris scan to verify the request. The custom EyeLock prototype will be placed in the visor of the car, allowing for the authentication of the driver and other passengers that have been enrolled in the system.

SiriusXM is hoping to establish payment partnerships with a number of different retailers and services providers. The company plans to make the e-wallet available to car manufacturers that have already adopted its existing connected vehicle services.

“SiriusXM’s network of automotive manufacturers and established consumer interfaces, combined with our security expertise, will help keep drivers safe and secure with the highest form of biometric authentication,” said EyeLock CEO Jeff Carter.

The new EyeLock prototype will be on display in two different vehicles at this week’s CES show in Las Vegas, which runs from January 7 to January 10. It arrives one year after the company demoed similar technology at last year’s iteration of the show, where EyeLock partnered with 360fly to showcase a Smart Rear View Mirror designed specifically for police vehicles.  

EyeLock’s iris recognition tech has previously been integrated into the Synergis access control platform from Genetec, as well as the Vicki smart vending machine from ViaTouch Media. The latter is able to track the gaze of people using the machine and make personalized recommendations after identifying customers based on an iris scan. 

EyeLock itself is a wholly owned subsidiary of VOXX International