Trulioo Brings ID Verification Tech to Ghana and Nigeria

Biometrics News - Trulioo Brings ID Verification Tech to Ghana and Nigeria

Trulioo’s mobile identity verification services are now available to customers in Nigeria and Ghana. The news will greatly expand Trulioo’s presence in Africa, and facilitate its efforts to raise financial inclusion through the creation of secure digital identities.

“Financial institutions are reluctant to do business with citizens who lack a verified digital identity, as it can put them at risk of compliance violations, which in turn constricts citizens’ connection to the global economy,” explained Trulioo COO Zac Cohen.

“Our verification capabilities will help bring many underbanked residents into the digital economy and enable financial institutions to know who they’re doing business with.”

Trulioo notes that Ghana’s economy is expected to have a 2018 growth rate as high as 8.9 percent. Nigeria, meanwhile, is the continent’s most heavily populated country with more than 190 million people. The World Bank recently approved $443 million in funding to help the country build a biometric ID registry.

Trulioo’s solution utilizes face and document recognition to allow for secure and accurate identity verification with a standard smartphone. The company recently partnered with Refinitiv to release the Qual-ID mobile onboarding solution, and previously launched its GlobalGateway platform in the Philippines.

The latest news will make it easier for anyone with a smartphone to gain access to financial services, especially as mobile networks continue to expand across the African continent.