New tZERO App Stores Cryptocurrency Assets On Your Mobile Phone

Biometrics News - New tZERO App Stores Cryptocurrency Assets On Your Mobile Phone

The blockchain specialist tZERO has released the Android version of its tZERO Crypto App, a digital wallet that allows cryptocurrency investors to buy, sell, and store different assets on their mobile phone instead of an account on a third-party exchange platform. The iOS version of the app was released on June 27th.

For the moment, the tZERO Crypto App only offers support for Bitcoin and Ethereum, although the company plans to extend support to other cryptocurrencies at some point in the future. The platform integrates biometric authentication for additional security, and provides customers with a private key recovery system that will allow users to regain access to their funds if their mobile device goes missing. 

“The accessibility of the tZERO Crypto App is critical in our plan to provide an intuitive trading experience for all digital assets,” said tZERO CEO Saum Noursalehi.

The tZERO Crypto App seems to be designed for investors rather than shoppers, but it is nevertheless the latest in a string of products designed to make cryptocurrency more convenient and more accessible for the average consumer. Fit Pay’s Flip utilizes contactless technology to allow users to make retail purchases with cryptocurrencies that have been converted to US dollars, while Unikeys began accepting pre-orders for its physical UKey cryptocurrency wallet this past May.