Fingerprint Cards Sensors Featured on FIDO2 Security Keys

Fingerprint Cards Sensors Featured on FIDO2 Security KeysThe FIDO2 authentication standards were only announced a couple of months ago, but Fingerprint Cards has leapt at the opportunity to explore new applications of its fingerprint sensor technology in the form of FIDO-compliant USB sticks.

The key new offering is a set of USB security devices from Feitian. Called BioPass FIDO2, the security keys are designed to take advantage of the FIDO2 standard’s support for biometric security key authentication, allowing users to log into various web services and apps without the need for a password, yet with greater security. And the BioPass FIDO2 devices’ fingerprint sensors are, of course, provided by Fingerprint Cards.

In a statement announcing the collaboration, FPC explained that with its new security keys Feitian is “targeting the enterprise market” with solutions that allow employees access a corporate network as well as apps and web services using their fingerprints, adding that the security keys are compatible with Windows Hello, the Microsoft Edge browser, and Google Chrome.

Meanwhile, another partnership, with India-based Ensurity, is bringing FPC fingerprint sensor technology to new FIDO-compliant USB devices to be launched in that market at the end of this month. Dubbed “ThinC”, the devices are also aimed at the enterprise market and designed to replace password-based authentication with fingerprint recognition, though they are also intended as a highly secure memory stick solution.

The new products point to the rapid proliferation of FIDO2-compliant devices, and to Fingerprint Cards’ ongoing efforts to explore new market areas beyond the now very crowded mobile fingerprint sensor market. And they signal a broader shift in digital security as multi-factor biometric authentication rises in prominence.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)