Withings Smartwatch with ECG Scanner Can Monitor Signs of Sleep Apnea

Biometrics News - Withings Smartwatch with ECG Scanner Can Monitor Signs of Sleep Apnea

Smartwatch maker Withings has unveiled its latest offering at CES 2020 this week, the ScanWatch — a smartwatch capable of tracking the wearer’s biometrics and identifying signs of sleep apnea.

Using an SpO2 (peripheral capillary oxygen saturation) sensor that transmits light into the wearer’s blood vessels, the ScanWatch can take measurements throughout the course of the night and note when the wearer isn’t getting enough oxygen, which can help to diagnose sleep apnea.

The ScanWatch is also a hybrid, meaning it has an analog face with a digital display to show things like the wearer’s step count, calories, and heart rate, as well as standard smartwatch features such as texts, calls, and social media alerts.

The PMOLED display shows one stat at a time, with wearers using the digital crown on the side of the watch to cycle through the various data they wish to see.

The same crown can also be used to enable the electrocardiogram (ECG) reader, which after being activated via the crown requires the user to place their finger on the watch’s bezel in order to take a reading using the three built-in electrodes. Digital ECG readings can then be viewed in real-time on the ScanWatch’s display, or on the user’s smartphone via the Withings Health app.

The ScanWatch is Withings’ latest entry into a wearables market dominated by the Apple Watch, following last year’s CES unveiling of the Withings Move ECG watch, which also features an ECG sensor.

The ScanWatch will be available later this year, and will retail for $249, which is more than last year’s Move ECG, but considerably less than the popular Apple Watch.

CES 2020 is currently taking place in Las Vegas, and runs until Friday, January 10.

Sources: Mashable, Techcrunch