Yoti Expands Reach Through ForgeRock Partnership

Biometrics News - Yoti Expands Reach Through ForgeRock Partnership

Yoti is expanding its reach through a new partnership with ForgeRock. Specifically, the digital identity specialist has announced that it has developed a marketplace app for ForgeRock’s open source BackStage platform.

The new app is compatible with the Forgerock Access Manager, and will make it much easier for other ForgeRock users to integrate Yoti’s secure identity verification and authentication services. As a verified ForgeRock partner, Yoti also gains access to a large pool of potential customers that will facilitate its efforts to establish itself as a leading identity platform.

ForgeRock recently announced that it was developing a post-password security solution in collaboration with HYPR, while Yoti joins a list of biometric technology partners that already includes BioCatch, BioConnect, and SecuredTouch. Yoti has independently provided identity and age verification solutions for partners in a variety of different industries, ranging from dating sites to convenience stores and everything in between.

In that regard, it is worth noting that most of Yoti’s activities have focused primarily on the European market. The partnership with the California-based ForgeRock should help Yoti boost its profile outside of the UK and give the company a much stronger international presence.