Yoti Provides Age Verification for Meet Group Community

Biometrics News - Yoti Provides Age Verification for Meet Group Community

Yoti has found another partner for its discreet yet reliable age verification technology. The digital identity specialist is teaming up with The Meet Group, a streaming social media and dating platform that will be using Yoti Age Scan and the Yoti app to keep minors off the site and ensure that every user is of legal age.

The move is in keeping with The Meet Group’s efforts to cultivate a safe community online, with the company already committing a considerable percentage of its staff to moderation. Yoti Age Scan uses facial recognition to estimate whether a user is over the age of 25, while the Yoti app links a profile to the date of birth on an official photo ID.

Both allow users to verify their age without needing to share any other personal information, and even without making a Yoti account in the case of Yoti Age Scan.

“With Yoti’s age verification and estimation technologies, we look forward to being one of the few app operators in social or dating who can respond to reports of underage users quickly and accurately,” said The Meet Group CEO Geoff Cook. “We believe we can enhance the safety of our platforms and give users a simple, private and secure way to verify their age.”

This is not the first time Yoti’s age verification technology has been used to keep minors away from material intended for adults, with the company previously providing proof-of-age services for explicit websites and convenience stores selling tobacco and other goods. Yoti has also partnered with Yubo to keep adults away from a social media platform designed for teenagers, helping to make the internet safer for everyone involved.