Braintree Enables Apple Pay, Android Pay Support in Australia

Braintree has enabled support for Apple Pay and Android Pay in Australia in a move that appears to extend PayPal’s partnerships with its digital payments rivals. Braintree Enables Apple Pay, Android Pay Support in AustraliaBraintree being PayPal’s merchant-focused payments service, the support means that businesses using Braintree in Australia can now enable support for Google’s and Apple’s digital payment platforms.

The news comes after recent partnerships that PayPal has established with its rivals. In April, PayPal announced an agreement that would integrate its service into Android Pay; and in July, it became a payment option in Apple’s online stores. While the latter deal did not include Apple Pay integration, it was nevertheless a remarkable one given Apple’s characteristic reluctance to collaborate with competitors.

The support could offer Android Pay and Apple Pay a particularly appreciated boost in Australia, where established financial institutions have offered heavy resistance to new digital payment services that could infringe on their marketshare.

In a blog post announcing the new support for Android Pay and Apple Pay, Braintree explained that it was part of an effort to help merchants “accept the most relevant forms of payment”, adding that it “will allow merchants to offer richer commerce experiences by giving their customers greater flexibility and choice at checkout”. The support extends to Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards.