BRIEF: A Major Week For Mobile Biometrics

BRIEF: A Major Week For Mobile BiometricsIt has been a particularly busy week for mobile biometrics, with industry news running the gamut from security fiascos to pioneering innovations. In some ways, the week has marked the culmination of some of the biggest trends that have been underway over the past year – the rise of facial recognition, the ongoing proliferation of fingerprint scanning, and the emergence of in-display fingerprint sensors – and it has offered up yet another reminder of the importance of liveness detection.

In addition to offering a neat snapshot of the state of the art in mobile biometrics, the activity of this week also helps to further illustrate the prominence of mobile biometrics in general. Over the course of just a few years, biometric technology has become the stuff of mainstream news, listed prominently among the other bells and whistles that consumers look for from their new devices; and the industry producing that technology is larger and more vibrant than ever.

So while the week isn’t quite over just yet, it’s worth taking a moment to catch up on the most noteworthy developments so far:

There is a still a place – a big place – for more traditional fingerprint scanners:

FPC Tech Featured in Xiaomi’s New Flagship Phones

Fingerprint Sensors to Maintain ‘Market Dominance’: Report

The two hottest trends in mobile biometrics are converging:

Xiaomi Combines In-Display Fingerprint Scanning and Infrared Facial Recognition in New Flagship Device

Vivo X21 Launches in India with In-Display Fingerprint Biometrics

Some are still struggling to get biometric security right:

Video Shows OnePlus 6 Facial Recognition Spoofed by Photo

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