Calgary Scientific Wins Australian Certification for ResolutionMD

iStock_Multi-Modal-300x225Electronic Health Record (EHR) innovator Calgary Scientific has won certification from the Australian government for its ResolutionMD system. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) certification effectively means that the ResolutionMD remote patient imaging platform is approved for clinical use, and will be a boon to Calgary Scientific as it should encourage Australian healthcare providers to embrace the new technology without hesitation.
The ResolutionMD system is a remote EHR viewing platform that allows medical practitioners to access patient images and other medical documents using a range of computer and mobile devices without having said files saved on said machines. It therefore offers a huge benefit to patients and doctors alike as it allows for convenient and quick diagnosis in many situations which would otherwise require a less timely process involving old-stile medical records
Thanks to the fact the ResolutionMD keeps the images on its server rather than actually transmitting them to a clinician’s device, it eliminates the worry of compromised handhelds. The security stems from the very nature of the solution: a lost or stolen device doens’t need to be wiped since the critical information was never on it in the first place.
ResolutionMD is just one of the ways that mobile ID is changing healthcare. The field of medicine has also been one of the most welcoming in its embrace of biometric technology. Various companies – especially in the US – are using it to expand the possibilities of remote healthcare, while even smartphones are starting to collect biometric data for healthcare purposes. But it also has to negotiate health regulations in various markets, and so certification at the national level can be a big victory for tech providers.
Calgary Scientific’s TGA certification follows on similar approvals from government regulators in the US, Canada, China and Europe.