Cardlab To Integrate FPC’s T-Shape Module into Biometric Card Reference Design

Just a week after Fingerprint Cards‘ announcement of its new fingerprint sensor module for smart cards, the company has now claimed its first customer for the solution.Cardlab To Integrate FPC's T-Shape Module into Biometric Card Reference Design Cardlab, a Danish secure smart card specialist, will integrate FPC’s T-Shape module into its own biometric card reference design.

The companies’ relationship goes back some way before the T-Shape deal. CardLab has been using FPC sensors in its card solutions since 2006; the difference here is that FPC’s T-Shape is designed for easy deployment into flexible cards using standard smart card manufacturing processes.

Also important is the purpose to which the T-Shape solution is being put, with CardLab having been approved this year for funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program, a large-scale innovation initiative aimed at supporting the EU’s competitiveness in international business. In a statement, CardLabs said its T-Shape solution will be used “to enhance security for E-banking, E-commerce, E-government, payment, access and ID card solutions.” The company also indicated that the solution will be compliant with new EU regulations concerning data security.

Commenting further on the deal, CardLab CEO Frank Sandelöv said his team has found FPC to be “very dedicated to their work and at the same time very receptive to CardLab’s requirements”.

For FPC, the deal appears to represent a big step deeper into the emerging biometric smart cards market, which continues to see escalating activity from biometrics, smart card, and payment card specialists.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)