CeBIT 2014: DERMALOG Shows Off Smallest Optical Fingerprint Sensor as “Mobile Only” Starts To Trend

Mobility has been taking the world by storm, and not just in terms of identity management. Over 90 percent of the world population has access to a mobile phone, and in some regions the handheld devices are the only way to access the Internet.

This global mobile ubiquity is the primary reason that mobility is one of the headlining trends for this week’s CeBIT 2014 conference and exhibition. The organizers of the event being held in Hannover, Germany from March 10 to 14, CeBIT is countering the marketing manta “mobile first” with the question, “Why not mobile only?”

DERMALOG Identification Systems is on board with this suggestion, in attendance at CeBIT with what is being billed as the world’s smallest optical fingerprint sensor: the LF1. This marks the first time the LF1 is being publicly presented.

Weighing in at 19 grams, the LF1 measures at 29mm x 43mm x 14mm. The small size does not get in the way of quality as the optical scanner still features a recording window measuring at 13x17mm and it boasts liveness detection (a big name commodity in the world of mobile biometrics).

This tiny authenticator is being billed as more than a consumer mobile solution. It has versatile deployment possibilities  in the realms of finance, national ID and access control as well as other verticals that could use such a portable fingerprint biometric scanner.

“We are very much looking forward to presenting our latest products to the specialist public at one of the most important international industry events,” explains Günther Mull, DERMALOG’s managing director. “Our new products are a reaction to an increasing demand for mobile solutions for biometric identification systems and are more proof of just how innovative DERMALOG can be. We are constantly working on improving applications and using our products to make more and more identifications simpler and more secure. This applies to government applications such as national border control systems, biometric personal identity cards and passports, and also to commercial purposes such as cashless payments at supermarket tills and banks. And, last but not least, our technology will soon confine forgetting passwords for the computer to history.”

DERMALOG is presenting a number of its identity management solutions in addition to the LF1. Recently the company announced that its fingerprint technology is being featured in a banking pilot project in in Nigeria.Those attending CeBIT this year can find them at Stand B39 in Hall 12 at CeBIT 2014.