Centrify Launches Versatile Multi-Factor Authentication Platform for Enterprises

Centrify Launches Versatile Multi-Factor Authentication Platform for EnterprisesEnterprise IT security solutions provider Centrify has launched a new multi-factor authentication solution at this year’s RSA Conference.

Called the Centrify Identity Platform, it’s premised on versatility. In a statement announcing the platform, the company asserted that it “supports a broad range of enterprise resources, including thousands of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, dozens of on-premises applications, hundreds of server operating systems as well as leading VPNs and network devices.”

Among the authentication factors that Centrify Identity Platform can leverage are text messages, OATH tokens, and mobile biometrics. The system also boasts of smart card support, and can enable multi-factor authentication for Secure Shell (SSH) commands.

Commenting on the new offering, Centrify Chief Product Officer Bill Mann said that “[a]s attackers get more aggressive and sophisticated, organizations need to get serious about layering on additional factors of authentication for all their enterprise assets.”

Indeed, the multi-factor approach to authentication is being increasingly used to thwart fraudsters and hackers in verticals beyond the enterprise too, with solutions in finance layering biometric modalities in order to scale-up security.