CES Kickstarts 2020 in This Week’s Mobile ID News Roundup

CES Kickstarts 2020 in This Week's Mobile ID News Roundup

Another year in mobile tech has kicked off with the annual Consumer Electronics Show putting it into a high gear. That’s a big part of the reason this week’s roundup of Mobile ID World’s top stories is dominated by smart car technology, with in-display smartphone fingerprint scanning also factoring into this week’s collection in a big way, and a touch of smartglasses tech added to the mix as well.

On the automotive front, Gentex once again got some attention with its showcase of sophisticated smart car technologies at CES, including a iris-scanning driver verification system:

Gentex’s Automotive Biometrics Tech Returns to CES

A similar system was also showcased by SiriusXM and EyeLock at CES, with the former looking to leverage iris-based biometric authentication into a new digital wallet system designed for the car:

SiriusXM Uses EyeLock Iris Tech to Authorize In-Car Transactions

CES also saw a lot of organizations showcasing Vuzix’s smartglasses technology, which features embedded facial recognition, allowing for a wide range of applications:

Vuzix Biometric Smartglasses Tech Shines Under Several Partner Spotlights at CES

As for the topic of in-display fingerprint sensors – often a hot topic on Mobile ID World – all that news came from outside of CES. OPPO launched two new 5G smartphones featuring in-display tech from Goodix just ahead of the big show:

OPPO Reno3 Smartphones Feature Optical In-Display Fingerprint Sensor from Goodix

And Mobile ID World readers could not resist the latest iPhone speculation, which again turned to the possibility of Touch ID making a comeback in in-display form, possibly as early as this year:

New Rumor Suggests iPhone Could Get In-Display Touch ID as Early as 2020


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