Chess Broadcasts May Soon Show Players’ Heart Rates

Organizers of the World Chess Championship are seeking to introduce biometric heart data to match broadcasts, but security remains a critical issue.

Chess Broadcasts May Soon Show Players' Heart RatesAs The Telegraph reports, the aim is to make chess matches more dramatic for viewers, with biometric devices tracking heart biometrics, and the data helping to illustrate for viewers how stressed players are at key moments. Magnus Carlsen, a young, rising star of the game, has indicated that he’s ready to embrace the move, saying “the audience will probably enjoy how the players heart rate is increasing and whatever else that can be measured.”

The rest of the players participating in World Chess events will also need to approve the move, as will the game’s governing body, Fide, which will be keen to ensure that the biometric technology used can’t somehow be hacked. Indeed, if a player’s stress levels could be monitored in real-time by an opponent, such biometric signals could offer significant clues and insights.

It’s another example of the growing preponderance of biometric technology, and of the need to ensure data security, even in chess.

Source: The Telegraph