Fingerprint Cards Announces the Schedule for its Q4 Update.

Fingerprint Cards has announced its schedule for its Q4 update.

Fingerprint Cards Announces the Schedule for its Q4 Update.The company will publish its report at 7:00 a.m. CET on February 9th, and will follow it with a telephone conference and webcast at 9:00 a.m. CET. The conference will be conducted in English, and will be hosted by FPC CEO Christian Fredrikson and CFO Hassan Tabrizi.

In a statement announcing the schedule, FPC did not offer details about what the update would cover in terms of topics. But the announcement comes soon after FPC issued a statement last week in which the company predicted lower than anticipated earnings for the quarter, and that it had laid off 185 employees as part of a concerted effort to cut costs. The company said it expects a 62 percent year over year decline in revenues for the quarter, thanks to what Tabrizi characterized as “a weak market development and a continued negative price development in capacitive sensors.”

FPC has contended over the past year with an increasingly competitive smartphone fingerprint sensor market, and a potential industry shift from fingerprint-focused mobile security to authentication based on facial recognition. But FPC has also made strides in its efforts to expand beyond the mobile sector, with the company announcing earlier this month that its fingerprint sensor technology would be used in a high-profile Visa trial of biometric payment cards.

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