China-Based Fingerprint Sensor Makers Aim for More Marketshare

China-Based Fingerprint Sensor Makers Aim for More MarketshareAn uptick in business is expected for China-based fingerprint sensor makers, according to a new DigitTimes article.

The authors assert that Egis Technology (Egistec), has received orders for its fingerprint sensors for Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy A8 mobile devices. If true, that could be a huge deal for the Taiwan-based biometrics developer, and it should be good for the Samsung product’s security too, given Egistec’s commitment to FIDO security standards.

Meanwhile, Goodix, a southern China-based upstart aiming to make its mark as a supplier of fingerprint touch solutions, is said to be “launching a touchscreen controller and fingerprint sensor bundle sales strategy,” according to the article. Of course, ‘launching a strategy’ is not the same thing as actually getting sales, but at the very least Goodix is succeeding in getting press, and it could soon have the attention of important OEMs in the region.

If Egistec and Goodix do prove to be the powerhouses they aim to be in the fingerprint sensor market, they will need to contend with the dominance of Europe-based FPC and Precise Biometrics, which currently appear to be leading the market. OEMs and consumers should welcome such competition, given that it will likely drive down prices for all concerned.

Source: DigiTimes