CO-OP Expands Utility of CardNav App to Cover Credit and Debit Cards

CO-OP Expands Utility of CardNav App to Cover Credit and Debit Cards

CO-OP has expanded the utility of the CardNav platform, allowing users to manage both debit and credit cards from a single account. CardNav is a card management and alert app that allows users to take more control of their various payment cards, whether that means setting a spending limit on a shared card or deactivating a card that gets lost or stolen.

While previous versions of CardNav could only be used with debit cards, the latest iteration provides coverage for an entire card portfolio. And the new app features biometric security, allowing users to log in with face or fingerprint recognition on their mobile devices.

The improved CardNav is expected to increase member loyalty for credit unions, who can customize the app in one of a few different ways. Credit unions can integrate CardNav functionality into their existing mobile app through an API. They can also deploy CardNav as a companion app or a standalone solution. In all three cases, CardNav allows credit unions to utilize their own branding for the app.

“Some clients will prefer to drive engagement through a single app they control using API integration, some credit unions will opt for a completely branded standalone solution, and others will choose to embed the capabilities,” explained CO-OP SVP Kathy Snider.

CO-OP is not the only company working to make credit cards safer and more convenient through an app utility. Apple recently launched a new credit card with both a physical card and a mobile app. In the meantime, companies like IDEX have worked to make credit cards more secure through biometric authentication.