Community Bank Picks BIO-key’s ID Director for Windows For Access Control

Another new client has come around to the BIO-key solution for IT security: The company has announced that a community bank is embracing its ID Director for Windows solution for access to internal assets.Bank Embraces BIO-key Security After Passwords Compromised

In a statement announcing the new deal, BIO-key did not name the bank in question, but said that it has “hundreds of full- and part-time employees across the Southeast and Midwest”. BIO-key also said the bank’s move to biometric security was prompted by “several instances where compromised passwords were used to access customer data and the bank’s network resources.”

On the latter note, the case is reminiscent of BIO-key’s recent order from a new client in the manufacturing sector, which sought out BIO-key’s solution after an internal security breach. While that firm was seeking to deploy BIO-key’s ID Director for Windows software platform together with its EcoID fingerprint scanners, BIO-key’s new banking customer is going with ID Director for Windows and DASH fingerprint readers provided by BIO-key.

Employees will be able to use these USB devices to sign into IT assets using biometrics as their key credentials, and that should boost both convenience and security. As BIO-key CEO Mike DePasquale notes, “The shared work environment is common in retail banking as tellers move from workstation to workstation through the course of the day,” and this is a situation in which “[p]asswords simply can’t provide the level of security, ease of use or audit trail offered by biometric authentication and that differentiation is starting to resonate with customers in financial services and other sectors.”

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)