noHold Announces White Label Voice-Based Virtual Assistant

Silicon Valley-based noHold has now launched its own voice-based virtual assistant on its SICURA platform.noHold Announces White Label Voice-Based Virtual Assistant

Called SICURA Voice, the solution is able to respond to multiple different users and is designed to offer natural speech recognition. It supports 13 languages, and is aimed at the enterprise sector, allowing client companies to create their own custom voice-based virtual assistants using SICURA Voice.

While the SICURA artificial intelligence platform previously enabled voice interaction by interfacing with Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Assistant, the new SICURA Voice solution bypasses those third party offerings and is designed to stand on its own.

The solution arrives at a time of growing enthusiasm over voice-based AI assistants. Thanks in large part to virtual assistants like Siri on the iPhone and Alexa-based Smart Home devices, a growing number of consumers are becoming more comfortable with voice interaction than they are with any other kind of user interface, and a growing number of organizations managing call-in contact centers are seeking to appeal to such preferences with their own automated systems. Competition is growing too, but noHold boasts of a nearly two-decade presence in the conversational interface space, lending the company some credibility as it promotes SICURA Voice.