Connected Apparel Maker Launches Smart Bra

Connected Apparel Maker Launches Smart BraWearable tech apparel developer OMsignal has announced two major new offerings.

The first is OMbra, a sports bra featuring stretchable fabric and antimicrobial meshing. More importantly, it features biometric sensors designed to work with the company’s other major new offering: OMrun, a running platform designed to capture metrics like heart rate, cadence, running economy, fatigue, and more. Moreover, OMsignal says OMrun also features a ‘Biometric Coach’, which can tell the user how her biometric effort compared to her goals as set prior to a given run.

These are the latest major offerings from the company since it first launched its biometric mens’ shirts in late 2014. While the OMbra is pretty novel in terms of connected apparel, it’s entering an increasingly crowded field, and one that is expected to see considerable growth over the coming years. In the middle of last year, market research firm Tractica launched its own wearables advisory service for businesses, and this week’s Consumer Electronics Show will feature connected fashion show as well as other wearables showcases.

All of this commotion could be a sign that OMsignal’s products will face increasing competition, or that they will ride a booming market, or both.