Control4 to Bring Invixium Biometrics into Smart Home Offerings

Mobile SecurityHome automation company Control4 has partnered with Invixium Inc. to bring the latter’s biometric devices into its product lineup. Invixium’s Mycro, Touch, and Sense products will all be integrated into the Control4 online shop by April of this year.
Speaking in a press release, Control4 emphasized the security benefits that this partnership will produce. The company’s Senior Director of Control4 Security Products, John Epeneter, said that with the integration of biometric technology, “Control4 customers can now work with their dealers to develop a personalized, convenient and integrated security solution to protect their homes, families and businesses.” Meanwhile, Invixium CEO Shiraz Kapadia gestured towards the ballooning popularity of digital, connected devices, noting, “In today’s world, smart technology also has to be elegant.”
Consumers will certainly demand elegant products, but security will be paramount too as the Internet of Things expands. There appears to be an impending proliferation of smart devices in the home, and the integration of biometric technology into such connected devices may soon be crucial in ensuring an adequate level of security for users while also maintaining convenience. With that in mind, the partnership between Control4 and Invixium seems a very prudent move, and it’s fair to expect more such alliances in the near future.