Daon Launches IdentityX v4.0

Daon Launches Upgraded IdentityX PlatformDaon, a developer of mobile biometric authentication solutions, has launched an upgraded version of its flagship platform.

IdentityX v4.0 offers numerous improvements to its API interface, administration console, and security infrastructure, with its face matching algorithm now sporting improved accuracy and speed, according to Daon. Moreover, it now offers support for SQL Server 2012, Windows Server 2012, and other new platforms.

Building on the FIDO certification attained this past summer, IdentityX v4.0 also features an optional FIDO UAF certified server component as well, and in a press release Daon says that the four clients who have implemented the upgraded platform “are already preparing to activate FIDO features.” The company adds that these clients “include some of the largest and most respected financial services and payments companies in the world.”

While Daon hasn’t yet named any names, it wouldn’t be a surprise to indeed find some major brands on board for the upgraded platform, given the success of IdentityX’s integration into USAA’s mobile app earlier this year. That implementation gave users the ability to log in via facial recognition, voice recognition, and later fingerprint scanning.

While the platform’s success in the area of financial services is clear, Daon is also looking to expand IdentityX v4.0’s applications to areas such as airports, healthcare, insurance, and other sectors going forward.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)