Phones and Cards Dominate This Week’s Top Stories

Biometrics News -Phones and Cards Dominate This Week's Top Stories

Smartphones and biometric cards dominate this week’s roundup of Mobile ID World’s most popular articles.

On the smartphone side of things, it will come as no surprise that readers proved interested in the biometric capabilities of Apple’s newest iPhone lineup. Apple has established itself as a real leader in the world of mobile biometrics, helping to galvanize an industry with its debut of Touch ID fingerprint scanning in 2013, and to shift the industry toward facial recognition with Face ID a few years later. Many in the mobile biometrics industry were likely relieved to see that Apple hasn’t done anything too disruptive with the iPhone 11:

Face ID is Back and Better Than Ever in the New iPhone 11

But a much smaller brand was also able to get some attention with one of its newest smartphones, thanks to a particularly novel design. Nubia’s Z20 features a display that wraps almost all the way around the two faces of the device – front and back – with a fingerprint sensor on each of phone’s sides:

Nubia Doubles the Screens and the Fingerprint Sensors on Latest Phone

Turning to biometric cards, Fingerprint Cards got some attention with its announcement that its fingerprint sensors were to be used in forthcoming cards from MeReal:

FPC Supplies Fingerprint Sensor for New MeReal Cards

There was also some high-profile biometric payment card news captivating readers, with Zwipe and IDEMIA recently announcing a new collaboration on a simplified, cost-effective solution that they’re aiming to bring to market in H2 of 2020:

IDEMIA, Zwipe Partner on Simplified, Low-Cost Biometric Payment Card

Readers weren’t solely interested in smartphones and biometric cards this week, however. The fifth entry in this week’s roundup of Mobile ID World’s top stories concerns a new UWB chip solution from NXP designed for integration into a range of Internet of Things devices:

NXP Releases Ultra-Precise UWB Chipset for Smart Devices


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