NXP Releases Ultra-Precise UWB Chipset for Smart Devices

NXP Releases Ultra-Precise UWB Chipset for Smart Devices

NXP has unveiled a new SR100T chipset built specifically for devices with Ultra-Wideband (UWB) fine-ranging capabilities. The chip combines UWB technology with Secure Element and Near Field Communication tech to offer manufacturers a comprehensive solution that will integrate seamlessly into a wide variety of IoT devices.

“The SR100T is an evolution of our secure connected offerings and is designed to complement existing standards like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi,” said NXP SVP Rafael Sotomayor. “This is a major step forward in allowing developers to deliver ubiquitous UWB experiences to people around the globe.”

Thanks to UWB technology, the new chip is able to determine the position of a mobile device relative to other connected products like smart doors, smart cars, and other mobile devices. It also offers Angle-of-Arrival functionality to determine the precise angle of each signal, even in difficult environments with people, walls, or multiple signals.

The SR100T has consumer and industrial applications, including access control. The tech can automatically unlock a door as an authorized user approaches, or track the user as they move through their home and adjust smart features like lights and music accordingly.  

The news demonstrates that UWB tech is becoming an increasingly important priority for NXP, especially since the company is one of the founders of the FiRa Consortium that was created to encourage the adoption of UWB. NXP later revealed that it will be selling its Voice and Audio Solutions Business to Goodix, and has been working to enable offline voice and facial recognition on smart devices.