I-Remit Turns to Jumio for Digital Identity Verification

Biometrics News - I-Remit Turns to Jumio for Digital Identity Verification

Jumio has found another customer for its secure digital onboarding technology. The Filipino remittance provider I-Remit is deploying Jumio Identity Verification to safeguard its IREMITX digital channel, which allows I-Remit users to transfer money online without needing to pay a visit to a physical branch location.

IREMITX is particularly popular with the 10 million Filipino citizens currently working abroad, who collectively sent an amount of money equivalent to 10 percent of the country’s GDP back to friends and family members in the Philippines in 2018. At the moment, IREMITX is available to customers in Canada, Singapore, Japan, and the UK, although I-Remit plans to provide support to more countries relatively soon.

Jumio Identity Verification, meanwhile, uses facial recognition to match a selfie against the photo on an official ID document and confirm the identities of new customers. The solution will allow I-Remit to remove friction from the onboarding process while remaining compliant with international Know-Your-Customer (KYC) regulations. 

“Jumio’s technology solves two of our most pressing problems — onboarding scalability and customer experience,” said I-Remit Executive VP Ron Benito. “Jumio saves us money and time, provides eKYC speed and precision, and the customer onboarding experience is superior.”

The news comes a year after Jumio opened a new sales office in Singapore, and supports the company’s efforts to expand its profile in the Asia Pacific region. The company recently boosted the speed and accuracy of its identity verification technology, and unveiled the fully automated Jumio Go digital onboarding platform.

Jumio has previously provided secure onboarding services for the online gaming platforms Novibet and Casumo. The company has also been a fixture on the 2019 awards circuit. In the past few months alone, Jumio took home multiple Cyber Defense Awards and a silver prize at the Golden Bridge Awards, while Gartner has named the company as a Representative Vendor in its Market Guide for the second year in a row.