Daon’s IdentityX Platform Gets FIDO Certification

Daon's IdentityX Platform Gets FIDO Certification

Daon has announced that its mobile authentication platform, IdentityX, has received FIDO certification. The platform passed the FIDO Alliance’s rigorous testing, and has been deemed compatible with other FIDO 1.0 devices and services.

Daon’s IdentityX platform has multimodal biometric capabilities, and is ideal for mobile authentication systems. It recently won the Best in Show Award at the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference, and it has been used to great effect in USAA’s mobile banking app. While financial services organizations are increasingly integrating biometric user authentication into their mobile apps, IdentityX is particularly commendable for its embrace of multimodal security – a major improvement over monomodal systems, which can be much more vulnerable to spoofing.

In a statement, Daon President Conor White said the company is “pleased to have received this certification,” and praised the FIDO Alliance for its “important role in helping to promote the adoption of strong authentication products and services by governments, private business and consumers”. FIDO Alliance executive director Brett McDowell reciprocated, noting that “Daon has been an active supporter of the FIDO Alliance and its mission.” And now, with its certification, Daon is really walking the walk.