Dutch Cryptocurrency Market Delivers for Mitek

Dutch Cryptocurrency Market Delivers for MitekThe emerging cryptocurrency market continues to deliver business to identity verification specialist Mitek. DXE is now using the company’s Mobile Verify ID document capture solution for customer onboarding.

Based in the Netherlands, DXE is a new platform aimed at attracting newcomers to the world of cryptocurrency trading by making buying and selling easy for its customers. But with European Union regulators having extended the reach of their anti-money laundering rules to cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, DXE was in need of an efficient solution that could remotely onboard customers while complying with KYC regulations, and Mitek’s evidently fit the bill.

In a statement announcing the collaboration, DXE CEO Ernstjan Overduin explained, “We pride ourselves on making cryptocurrency trading simple and accessible for the everyday user,” adding, “Mitek’s Mobile Verify offers a solution that helps us be both compliant with future regulations and is compatible with our vision for a simple customer experience.”

The development comes just a couple of months after another Dutch cryptocurrency exchange, BTCDirect, also embraced Mitek’s identity verification technology for customer onboarding, which in turn came after a similar partnership with Nocks, a Dutch cryptocurrency payments platform. Mitek has found a strong and very specific niche in the Netherlands’ cryptocurrency market.