Dynabook, Microsoft Release New Line of Secure PCs

Dynabook, Microsoft Release New Line of Secure PCs

Dynabook Americas Inc. and Microsoft have partnered to release a lineup of Windows 10 Secured-core laptops that feature the latest in multimodal biometric security.

The Portégé X30, Tecra X40 and Tecra X50 feature next-level hardware and software identity protection, and are among the first devices that meet the Windows Secured-core PCs requirements.

“We are pleased to see the announcement from Dynabook today. We have partnered closely with Dynabook to ensure these devices meet Secured-core PC engineering criteria, and we are pleased to see the progress we have made together,” said David Weston, Partner Director of OS Security, Microsoft Corporation.

The Secured-core PC is a new initiative that sees Windows working closely with PC and silicon manufacturers to meet a specific set of device requirements that apply security best practices. The products will focus on serving customers in industries that deal with highly-sensitive data like financial services, government and healthcare.

“As a leader in mobile computing, system and data security is a key pillar for Dynabook and the reason we still incorporate our own proprietary BIOS on every laptop we bring to market,” said Philip Osako, vice president, marketing and engineering, Dynabook Americas, Inc. “We have collaborated with Microsoft for more than three decades on the advancement of mobile computing and our latest partnering with Microsoft on its Windows 10 Secured-core PC initiative demonstrates our long standing commitment to safeguarding our customers’ data at levels not available on a laptop computer until today.”

A key element in the security behind these devices is the use of biometrics to verify and protect a users’ identity from theft, compromise, and phishing attacks. The multimodal approach uses Windows Hello-driven facial recognition and a built-in fingerprint reader to ensure the safety of the users’ data and identity.

The Portégé X30, Tecra X40 and Tecra X50 are available for purchase today.