Entersekt Embraces GSMA’s Mobile Connect

Entersekt Embraces GSMA's Mobile ConnectThe GSMA’s Mobile Connect platform has a new backer: London-based mobile security specialist Entersekt has announced that it’s now offering Mobile Connect to its institutional customers.

The platform is designed to offer mobile users a single sign on solution for a range of services, identifying users primarily by their phone numbers, with additional authentication factors, such as a PIN or biometric scan, implemented as necessary, depending on the security context.

In announcing its support for Mobile Connect, Entersekt said Mobile Connect “could help it address several increasingly urgent challenges banks face in streamlining customer-facing digital interactions.” For example, the ability to share the user data held by a mobile network operator with digital service providers could enhance end user experiences. Perhaps more importantly, financial institutions can leverage contextual data “to make better-informed risk analyses over when to step up to a multi-factor authentication to protect a sensitive transaction,” said Entersekt Chief Commercial Officer Dewald Nolte in a statement announcing the company’s embrace of Mobile Connect.

Above all, Nolte suggested, Mobile Connect will help Entersekt’s customers in digital onboarding by making it easy and safe for end users to share their data when signing up for digital services. “Considering the enormous cost of attracting new account holders and encouraging applications for additional services, none of our customers should lose a prospect at the last hurdle,” he explained.