Entersekt and Netcetera Help German Banks Secure e-Commerce Transactions

Entersekt and Netcetera Help German Banks Secure e-Commerce Transactions

Entersekt is now providing secure authentication technology for two Austrian card issuers and an unspecified number of German banks. The integrations are being delivered through Entersekt’s pre-existing partnership with Netcetera, a payments specialist that has in turn implemented Entersekt’s authentication tech for Bank-Verlang. Bank-Verlang provides digital services for financial institutions in Germany.

“We were on the lookout for a reliable, cutting-edge 3-D Secure provider,” said Bank-Verlang Cards and Payment Solutions Department Manager Christoph Thöt. “Our choice of Netcetera and Entersekt meant we could add a highly effective card-not-present authentication solution.”

Entersekt’s solution is compliant with the PSD2 standards that went into effect in September, and was implemented before that deadline. The company’s technology is particularly well-suited to e-commerce, allowing users to verify online purchases through mobile banking apps. The streamlined checkout process encourages shoppers to follow through with more online sales, while simultaneously reducing the rate of card-not-present fraud.

“Together with Entersekt, we deliver a PSD2-compliant, highly secure online payment process that is decidedly user friendly,” said Netcetera Payment Security Managing Director Peter Frick.

The new deployments come nearly a year after Entersekt partnered with BioCatch to integrate the latter’s behavioral biometric technology into its authentication platform. The company previously provided mobile fingerprint authentication for FirstBank in Colorado.