Ericsson on Track to Bring 5G Services to Europe as Soon as 2018

Ericsson is stepping up its efforts to explore 5G technology.

Ericsson on Track to Bring 5G Services to Europe as Soon as 2018About a week ago, the company teamed up with France-based telecom Orange in a formal agreement outlining plans to work together to develop use cases and pilot projects using Ericsson’s 5G technology and Orange’s networks in Europe. In a statement announcing that partnership, Orange Labs Networks SVP Alain Maloberti said the ambition “is to be prepared for a 5G deployment in 2020.”

It could arrive even faster elsewhere. Ericsson has now announced that it has concluded a 5G field trial with Swedish telecom Telia that saw the transfer of information at a rate 40 times faster than what’s currently achievable via 4G, according to the companies. In a statement announcing that achievement, Ericsson said the goal is “to let Telia customers in Stockholm and Tallinn experience 5G services already in 2018.”

The developments follow Ericsson’s announcement last month that it was opening 5G R&D labs in France, which itself came soon after the conclusion of a 5G field test using a remotely guided drone. It all points to Ericsson’s growing investment in the technology, which is expect to be an important facilitator for the emerging Internet of Things, as well as the continuing ascent of mobile technology.