eSignature System Aspires to Ease of Use, Installation

Wacom eSignatureDigital technology developer Wacom has announced a new digital signature apparatus that will allow users to easily and intuitively sign electronic documents. The DTU-1141 consists of a 10.6″ LCD display and an electronic pen that is pressure-sensitive enough to create a forensically traceable biometric profile.

The system is intended for use by public or private businesses, and is designed to be customer friendly and easy to install. The anti-glare display offers 1920X1080 HD resolution, and the system features top of the line RSA/AES encryption. Wacom says that the system “is easily integrated into standard IT infrastructures,” and the DTU-1141 can also be connected to a PC using a standard USB cable. Moreover, when it’s sitting idle, the screen can display slideshows and advertisements, making it ideal for POS installation.

In a press release, the company suggested that the system would be suitable for “banks, hospitals, insurance companies, public sector departments and retail stores”, and indeed, there appears to be an increasing need for such technology in these sectors. Hospitals, for example, are increasingly embracing electronic records-keeping and documentation, prompting companies like Imprivata to offer custom-designed eSignature solutions for medical professional. And with the continuing rise in electronic payment options in the retail world, merchants might be interested in getting their hands on a system like the DTU-1141 for their own receipt records-keeping.