FEITIAN Licenses Biometric Software from FPC

Biometrics News - FEITIAN Licenses Biometric Software from FPC

FEITIAN has agreed to license the FPC-BEP biometric software platform from Fingerprint Cards (FPC). The platform is designed for payment cards and access control, both of which are covered under the terms of the global licensing agreement. FEITIAN will also make a volume order of FPC fingerprint sensors as part of the new arrangement.

According to the two companies, FPC’s sensor and software will be featured in a new biometric card that will be rolled out for the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022.

“We are pleased to see our biometric sensors and software gain new ground within the payments and access markets, as there is an increased demand for convenient, secure and trusted biometric solutions,” said FPC Payments & Access SVP Michel Roig.

The FPC-BEP software and the FPC T-shape fingerprint sensor module recently cleared accuracy and security tests that were carried out by the Bank Card Test Center (BCTC) in Beijing. The company previously placed a T-shape sensor in FEITIAN’s AllinPass K33 biometric security token, and has been collaborating with FEITIAN on various biometric card projects since December of 2018.  

FEITIAN announced the new licensing agreement with FPC while continuing to work with IDEX Biometrics on separate biometric payment card projects. The latest IDEX and FEITIAN card has also received BCTC certification.