FIDO Alliance Ends Year with Another Batch of FIDO Certifications

FIDO Alliance Ends Year with Another Batch of FIDO Certifications

The FIDO Alliance closed out 2019 with another round of certifications, bringing the total number of FIDO certified products to 688. The organization called particular attention to the authenticator certifications program, which was established to provide enterprises with more information about the relative strength of various FIDO authenticators and credentials. One hundred and seven authenticators have now been certified at the L1 or L2 level.

According to FIDO, the numbers speak to the widespread adoption of FIDO security protocols as more companies recognize the value of passwordless authentication.

So which companies received FIDO certification in the past few months? Yubico received both FIDO2 and FIDO U2F certification, while Acceptto, HID Global, and Veridium ID all achieved FIDO2. Other heavy hitters include Synaptics (FIDO U2F) and Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security and LG Electronics, which both received FIDO UAF certification.

FIDO2 was far and away the most common certification, with more than two dozen companies accomplishing the feat. The full roster includes Authentrend, Capy Japan, CROSSCERT: KECA, ellipticSecure, GoTrustID, the Kensington Computer Products Group, Login ID, RSA, Target, and WebComm Technology. There were comparatively far fewer U2F and UAF certifications, though the Kensington Group also received the former and WebComm received the latter. 

There were no new Biometric Component certifications, though FIDO did reveal that it has accredited two more independent testing labs. Telecommunications Technology Association and TUV Informationstechnik GmbH are now carrying out tests of several unnamed products.

The new certifications come shortly after FIDO’s year end report, which emphasized the rapid expansion of the FIDO2 program. The Biometric Component program was first announced in 2018, though only two companies – Cirrus Logic and Samsung – have achieved the distinction since it was announced. The new testing facilities should improve those numbers.

There were more than 630 FIDO certified products after the organization’s last update in July.