FIDO Certification Expands with the Help of Three New Testing Labs

FIDO Certification Expands with the Help of Three New Testing Labs

The FIDO Alliance has released the full list of FIDO certifications that were handed out in the second quarter of 2019. Most of the new certifications focus on FIDO2 and FIDO UAF, ensuring greater interoperability as more companies adhere to the same set of standards.

The full list of FIDO2 certifications includes Bank of America, Fujitsu, Secret Double Octopus, SupremaID, and Synaptics, in addition to several other major technology providers. The FIDO UAF lineup, meanwhile, includes Adnovum SG, Movenda SPA, Penril Datability, and WebComm Technology Co, amongst several others. The NEC Corporation received both FIDO2 and UAF certifications after upgrading its servers explicitly for the purpose.

The other notable highlights are the Universal Server certification for NRI SecureTechnologies and the biometric component certification awarded to Cirrus Logic. Cirrus Logic now joins Samsung as only the second company to receive the component certification since the program was launched last September.

The Idiap Research Institute, ELITT/Leti CEA, and Beijing Unionpay Card Technology Co. also became accredited FIDO testing laboratories in the past quarter. The three new testing centers should help the Alliance meet the growing demand for FIDO certification.

With the new certifications, there are now more than 630 FIDO-approved products available on the market. The widespread adoption of those standards should give companies more confidence when shopping for secure technology solutions.